I am a GP and public health doctor from Cambridge, U.K. I work to protect and improve health by working as a local  general practitioner, teaching  public health, and by supporting action to address climate change.  I am motivated by the desire to create a better, healthier, fairer world for everyone.

What I Do

  • General practice: I work as a local sessional GP in Cambridge
  • Public health teaching: I deliver and am developing public health teaching for the University of Cambridge Clinical School.
  • Climate change and sustainability projects:  I work on a variety of projects related to climate change and sustainability.
  • Writing: I share ideas on climate change, health and related issues.
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The growing social pressure to address the climate emergency, as well as awareness of the already harmful impacts of climate disruption, are pushing organisational leaders to respond. But for many it will not be obvious how to respond, particularly when faced with a multitude of other pressures. This is my suggested list for key elements… Read More

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I did this short article earlier this month for one of the local newspapers in Cambridge, the Cambridge Independent, about climate change as a health threat and the idea of adapting the Lancet Countdown for local use. Just an idea. I’d be interested to know what others think. Could this be useful?

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This blog aims to summarise where we have got to with fossil fuel divestment in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, UK. It covers higher education, local government and the Divest Parliament campaigns. If I’ve missed stuff out please send a comment so I can update things. Anglia Ruskin University: They have signed the Fossil Free Declaration committing to… Read More

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Our lives depend on the choices of the politicians who represent us. This is the harsh, and largely unrecognised, reality of politics and why our choices when we go out to vote are so important. The full spectrum of factors which determine our health (aka wellbeing) are complex and way beyond the control of any… Read More

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Earlier this year as part of a work trip to Copenhagen I cycled around on a hire bike and got to understand a little of what makes the city work as a great place to cycle. The first thing you notice about Copenhagen is that there are people cycling everywhere. For those reading this in Cambridge… Read More

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This week world leading scientists are gathering in Oxford to discuss the aspiration agreed in Paris of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees C. In this blog I am going to put aside what for me is the key question for the conference which is whether 1.5 degrees is conceivably possible without heroic assumptions about… Read More

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