I am a GP and public health doctor based in Cambridge, U.K.  I am motivated by the desire to create a better, healthier, fairer world for everyone. I am involved in many projects related to climate change alongside my  clinical work and teaching.

In January 2019 I was appointed Assistant Director for Public Health Studies in the University of Cambridge Department of Public Health and Primary Care.

In 2017 I decided to return to clinical general practice, after 8 years in public health.  I undertook the NHS GP refresher programme in 2017-18.

Between 2014-16 I worked freelance as a public health consultant on a mix of local, regional and national projects. These included work on sustainability and on other fields of public health.

From 2013-2014 I worked for Public Health England, the then new national body for public health in England, to establish its Sustainability Programme which brought together its work related to climate change, extreme weather events and sustainable development into a single comprehensive programme.

Prior to this I undertook five years of professional public health training which included periods working for the NHS Sustainable Development Unit, the Centre for Diet and Physical Activity Research and local public health teams in the counties of Suffolk and Bedfordshire in England. I won places on and completed the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence’s Scholars programme and the East of England NHS Leadership Fellows programme.

Prior to specialising in public health I trained and worked as a general practice doctor. I hold a Masters in Public Health and Bachelors degree in Medicine from Cambridge University. I am a fellow of the UK Faculty of Public Health and am a member of the UK Royal College of General Practitioners.

I can be found on Twitter @drjnsmith

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